5 Tips On How CRNA’s Can Be More Resilient At Work

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What makes CRNA’s more successful at work? Success for the CRNA relies on their capacity to cope and thrive when faced with stress. The leading causes of stress in the workplace are caused by staff cutbacks, deadlines, rivalry, and organizational change. CRNA’s must learn how to be resilient and how to cope with change because… Read more »

Prepare For Your CRNA Interview With KTE Services

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Organizations are ultimately looking to hire the right candidate. They are looking for the right characteristics, skills, and personality traits that are needed to do the job successfully. Are you ready for your next interview? It takes more than knowing your profession; it takes preparation and proper interviewing skills. When preparing for your next CRNA… Read more »

Start Your Journey To Become A CRNA in 2020

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If you are considering changing careers and becoming a CRNA, now is the time to start. CRNA’s provide critical care at the most significant times in patients’ lives. The nurse anesthetist is responsible for safely administering anesthesia before surgical procedures, and overseeing the patient until recovery after each surgery. That is why the requirements involve… Read more »

How CRNA’s Can Manage Risk

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CRNA’s need to learn how to manage their risks to reduce the possibility of malpractice lawsuits. CRNA’s play a critical role in patient care that makes them vulnerable if anything goes wrong. It is essential to understand that the services that CRNA’s provide promote safe and effective patient care. Therefore, that’s why it is so… Read more »

How CRNA’s Can Make The Most Out Of The Holidays

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As the holidays are quickly approaching us, we can feel the excitement and, at times, the stress. While we are all stuffed with our Thanksgiving meals, it’s now time to start setting up the Christmas decorations; in the meantime, nurses are preparing to work their holiday shifts. The surgeries must go on; emergency, planned, and… Read more »

Top CRNA Skills For Career Advancement

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CRNA’s skills are not different from many other professions; however, they do require special attention in many situations. CRNA’s typically work in collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists, podiatrists, and other different professionals to help administer anesthesia safely. Whether it’s overseeing patient recovery, assisting in stabilizing and or pain management, their role is vital. We work… Read more »

How To Navigate The Anesthesia Recruitment Process

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The best part of going out into the job market is knowing what to expect, and knowing the anesthesia recruitment process can help promote better decision-making and build confidence. Everyone has different needs based on specialties, lifestyle, and personal choices, that’s why it helps to have the appropriate tools to plan your career. Whether you… Read more »

Things To Consider Before Referring A Friend

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Thinking about referring a friend? Referring a friend can be a great way to assist an employer, except if you refer someone that is not a good fit. There are certain things you must consider before referring your friend. We always welcome referrals, and we also offer a referral bonus thanking our candidates for their… Read more »