What makes CRNA’s more successful at work? Success for the CRNA relies on their capacity to cope and thrive when faced with stress. The leading causes of stress in the workplace are caused by staff cutbacks, deadlines, rivalry, and organizational change. CRNA’s must learn how to be resilient and how to cope with change because it’s about the patients that need their care and their own wellbeing.

The whole purpose of resilience is learning how to bounce back. Bouncing back from a stressful situation at work can help you from experiencing burnout. We work with many candidates that encounter challenges at work, especially CRNA’s. Some get to the point of exhaustion, some don’t. Some are resilient; some are not. The good news is that resilience can be learned; it’s a skill. There is hope for the stressed-out CRNA.

During times of stress, it’s essential to build strong relationships; it’s beneficial to make personal relationships as well as professional ones. Building relationships can be a source of support during stressful times. Resilient employees can manage stress and cope with change. Below you will find five tips on how you, as a CRNA, can develop the skill of becoming more resilient at work.

How To Become More Resilient At Work

Become More Reflective
Being in tune with yourself, and your emotional reactions can help with the effect of stress. It’s a way to bounce back and implement coping strategies and seeking support. Becoming more reflective is a way to build more resilience at work.

Develop Emotional Insight
When you develop insight, you will have a level of awareness about your emotions that can turn your negative situation into a more favorable situation. It’s essential to have a level of awareness that will help you build resilience.

Be Positive
One right way to adapt to adversity is to take a positive stance at work. It’s smart to put in energy and motivation into action; it is a way to build resilience, which is the opposite of burnout, tiredness, exhaustion, or the common fatigue.

Develop A Sence of Spirituality
Spirituality is linked to being resilient at work. It’s a way of reducing the impact of adversity and stress. Finding meaning in your work can contribute to a greater good. Spirituality can lead to having purpose and appreciating potential benefits in being a professional CRNA.

Have Balance
If you can achieve a healthy work-life balance, it will help with building resilience at work. It’s challenging in this technology-driven world; however, CRNA’s need to generate the energy that will help them find the time to relax and unwind and recuperate from a stressful day at work.

In summary, resilient employees can manage stress effectively, and it isn’t different for CRNA’s. It’s time to build confidence and wellbeing within the workplace. If you need recruiting assistance, contact us today. You can reach us at 904-940-5415 or ktemedicaljobs.com.

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