How To Dramatically Improve Your Healthcare Career

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Healthcare organizations rely on their employees to understand the importance of having good character. When you work in the field of public health, it should be clear on the reasons why it’s so important. “When a person has a good character, it can be observed through their actions. It’s not limited to a single value,…

Tips On How To Retain Healthcare Employees

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It is essential to retain healthcare employees today, employee turnover can be costing you more than money. Therefore, understanding the reasons why healthcare employees leave their desired positions can help with retention. It’s time to create an organizational environment that is dedicated to talented personnel to reduce employee turnover. Our mission here at KTE is… Read more »

How To Be Creative With Healthcare Interviews

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What does it take to build a winning healthcare team? Healthcare organizations are using traditional interviewing methods and also being creative to attract the right talent. One of the main reasons why creativity works in the interviewing process is to overcome unique healthcare hiring challenges, for example, the right culture fit, talent shortage, and industry… Read more »

Anesthesiologist Physician Burnout And How To Avoid It

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Demanding paces and pressures of time can lead to Physicians burnout. The definition of burnout is “a long-term stress reaction marked by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and a lack of sense of personal accomplishment.” Source AAFP – Healthcare environments need to look at the bigger picture and consider the safety of the patient and Anesthesiologist along… Read more »

How to Foster a Better Relationship With Your Team

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The rapport you have with your team is equally as important as their skill set and work ethic. Many healthcare professionals find themselves working alongside each other for long hours at a time, making a positive team relationship even more vital. As a medical team leader, it is your responsibility to cultivate a strong relationship… Read more »

Six Management Strategies That Will Help Your Team Provide Better Patient Care

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A patient’s experience at your hospital or healthcare facility is paramount to its reputation. For this reason, it’s important to implement strategies that focus on patient-centered care—improving and maintaining the efficiency and accuracy of care through good communication and care coordination. All departments within your facility need to be on-board with the delivery of an… Read more »