It’s worth it to put all your effort into communicating effectively with your recruiter or anyone for that matter. The term ghosting is very popular in today’s digital age; it seems to be the norm to ignore rather than face all of your communication with respect. You have likely experienced ghosting during a job search, dating, or even with your friends. It probably left you with less than favorable opinion of the company or person who did it. That’s why it is essential to understand why it’s critical not to ghost your recruiter.

Here at KTE, we work with professionals at all levels, we understand the nature of the healthcare industry; it’s busy and incredibly involved. That is why we have open communication with our candidates and the companies that we work with daily. Ghosting is not something we enjoy dealing with; that’s why we will share with you why it’s not a good idea to ghost anyone.

When we say that a candidate has ghosted a recruiter, it means not replying to a recruiter’s email or messages at any stage of the hiring process. For example, not answering critical questions about your career goals, not responding to interview offers, or not showing up for the interview. These are all examples of ghosting in the context of a job search. Below you will find the top 3 reasons why not to ghost recruiters or anyone.

Top 3 Reasons Why Not To Ghost Your Recruiter

  • Gives the recruiter an idea of who you are
  • Leaves a negative impression of you
  • Can ruin your reputation in the industry

In summary, it’s beneficial to respond to your recruiter and keep them updated during the process. Always be honest with your experience; if it’s not a good fit for you, it’s best to let all parties involved know about your experience. It might be uncomfortable in the beginning, but everyone will feel respected. If you need recruiting assistance, contact us today. You can reach us at 904-940-5415 or

We are looking forward to hearing from you.