Contract Negotiation Tips For An Anesthesiologist

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If you are an Anesthesiologist searching for a new opportunity, it’s time to understand the benefits of contract negotiation. Because, you will be a more effective negotiator when you are well informed. Start by making a list of what’s essential, and when you start to define your priorities, you will enter the interviewing process with… Read more »

Tips On How To Retain Healthcare Employees

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It is essential to retain healthcare employees today, employee turnover can be costing you more than money. Therefore, understanding the reasons why healthcare employees leave their desired positions can help with retention. It’s time to create an organizational environment that is dedicated to talented personnel to reduce employee turnover. Our mission here at KTE is… Read more »

How To Be Creative With Healthcare Interviews

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What does it take to build a winning healthcare team? Healthcare organizations are using traditional interviewing methods and also being creative to attract the right talent. One of the main reasons why creativity works in the interviewing process is to overcome unique healthcare hiring challenges, for example, the right culture fit, talent shortage, and industry… Read more »

How to Increase Anesthesia Patient Satisfaction Rates Through Your Hiring Decisions

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The goal of any anesthesia practice is to provide quality care to its patients. Many practices track patient satisfaction with surveys and other tools. But what many practice managers don’t realize is that hiring the right staff can have a direct and measurable impact on your patient satisfaction scores. How? An anesthesia team that works… Read more »

How to Foster a Better Relationship With Your Team

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The rapport you have with your team is equally as important as their skill set and work ethic. Many healthcare professionals find themselves working alongside each other for long hours at a time, making a positive team relationship even more vital. As a medical team leader, it is your responsibility to cultivate a strong relationship… Read more »

New Year’s Resolutions Every Leader Should Make

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Leadership in the medical world brings its own set of specific challenges, from regulatory compliance to building a culture that provides the best possible patient experience. As the new year begins, practice managers and supervisors can help themselves and their teams meet the biggest challenges of 2016 by making a few simple resolutions: Practice Thoughtfulness… Read more »

Three Ways to Retain Top Talent

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Good pain management staff can be hard to find! So after you’ve invested time and money locating and training top-notch employees, you want to be sure to hold onto them. It’s important to know what the industry’s best and brightest value in a job—this way, you can take steps to make sure your facility is… Read more »