It is essential to retain healthcare employees today, employee turnover can be costing you more than money. Therefore, understanding the reasons why healthcare employees leave their desired positions can help with retention. It’s time to create an organizational environment that is dedicated to talented personnel to reduce employee turnover.

Our mission here at KTE is to provide our candidates with detailed information about your company’s culture, benefits and the top reasons why they should choose to work for your healthcare facility. It is proven that employees accept or decline an offer based on the employee benefits that are offered. To plan well for your future employees, it’s not only essential to recruit, but also to think long-term and retain quality employees.

“Some studies indicate the cost of turnover can average 150% of the employee’s annual salary.” BHM Health Solutions. However, the most critical impact on employee turnover in healthcare is the effect on patient care. Even though there are numerous ways to keep current employees engaged, below, you will find the top three tips on how to retain your most valuable employees.


How you communicate with your employees is vital. For instance, the tone in your voice, the attention that you give to what the other person is saying, and how you write are all crucial elements of good communication. The next time you have to provide a message think closely on these five essential communication aspects.


The best reminder is that if you communicate properly, you will gain trust and understanding with your staff.

Continuing Education

Many healthcare professionals are required to keep up with their continued education credits. Therefore, employers that provide continuing education to their employees help keep employees engaged, and that helps reduce their turnover. Remember, to consider offering continuing education classes for all of your different healthcare professionals.

Compensation Package

Paying under the average compensation package can hurt your organization. For instance, always stay current with the different wages, salaries and benefit packages. Take a good look at how your bonus plans, salary increases, and incentive match up with the market. Check out to help you manage your current compensation packages.

In summary, it’s always a good idea to invest in your staff. Therefore, with the right strategy and plan, you and your team will be able to hire and retain exceptional healthcare employees. If you need recruiting assistance, contact us today. You can reach us at 904-940-5415 or We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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