The way to excel in your next CRNA interview is to prepare. It would be nice to know what’s going to happen next, but not knowing can have its advantages. It will prepare you to be quick on your feet. Imagine your next interview as your next challenge. However, to make things better for you, we are sharing with you steps on how to prepare appropriately and excel in your next scheduled interview.

Here at KTE, we have helped several candidates throughout their interview process. From the initial questions that might be asked to the location and it’s benefits and sharing everything we know about the culture of the company that’s hiring. We put everything together to help facilitate the process.

To help you prepare, we are sharing with you several tips to guide you through the process. Also, we are giving you a couple of questions that some employers have asked in the past. With all of these tips and sample questions, you can start preparing and start feeling confident that you will excel in your next interview.

Tips To Help You Excel

  • Research The Company
  • Prepare Your Answers To Interview Questions
  • Schedule A Mock Interview & Practice
  • Prepare To Ask Questions

Bonus: Potential Questions Asked

  • What inspired you to become a CRNA?
  • Tell us about a typical patient, some of the drips these patients would be on.
  • Please describe your experience as a CRNA.
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why did you choose to apply to our company?
  • What strength do you bring to our company?
  • Discuss the pharmacologic differences between dopamine and dobutamine.

In summary, prepare for your upcoming interview, and you will build the confidence you need to ace it. If you need recruiting assistance, contact us today. You can reach us at 904-940-5415 or

We are looking forward to hearing from you.