Finding highly qualified healthcare talent can be expensive—but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Your best strategy is to streamline your approach, rather than spreading your finances thin through concurrent efforts. It will benefit your budget to narrow down the process that will work best, allowing you to focus your efforts and find the talent you need.

Five ways to improve your hiring efficiency

Looking for new staff is an ongoing process—so you’ll want to establish an efficient process that helps you find new workers quickly and easily. Decreasing your time to hire can decrease your cost to hire, since your time is valuable. And you can employ recruitment techniques that help make the entire hiring process function like a well-oiled machine. Consider the following:

  1. Make your application process easy. Most people surf the internet using a smartphone or mobile device, so your application process should be mobile friendly. It should also be easy and straightforward—an applicant should be able to visit your website, find your application, fill it in and submit it with minimal effort.
  2. Work with a niche recruiter. You can locate hard-to-find healthcare talent by partnering with a staffing agency that specializes in your branch of the healthcare industry. Your recruiter will have a clear understanding of your needs and access to both active and passive candidates. You’ll be able to find the staff you need in a fraction of the time it could take to find them on your own. Plus, good employment matches will help you ensure employee longevity.
  3. Take full advantage of social media. It’s mostly free, and almost everyone uses it. Posting job opportunities on social media will help increase your audience, and help you find the right candidates.
  4. Focus on retention. You’ll decrease your turnover costs by retaining your current staff. Pay close attention to competitive pay and benefits, employee perks and incentives, performance reviews, and a positive company culture.
  5. Embrace technology when possible. Increasing your use of phone and video interviews can speed up your hiring time, especially if you’re considering an out-of-state candidate.

Don’t make hasty hiring decisions

Just because you’re trying to improve efficiency doesn’t mean your choices should be rash. In fact, efficiency in the right areas—such as posting positions and locating candidates—allows you to take the time you need in others, like screening and interviewing.

Need help finding high-quality staff?

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