Top 5 Reasons To Keep Your Recruiter In The Loop

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Let’s face it, there are a lot of options and many recruiters to work with today. However, have you ever wondered how much information you should be sharing with your recruiter? The best way to gauge this dilemma is by asking yourself, “how can this benefit both parties?” For example, if you are interviewing with…

How To Improve Healthcare Recruiting Strategies In 2019

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Let’s make 2019 the year to improve healthcare recruiting strategies. Understanding what to do in recruiting can significantly impact your recruiting process, for example, It takes a strong team to recruit and attract the best talent in healthcare. Let’s explore some recruiting trends that will impact your outcome. Our team focuses on recruiting and making…

How To Identify Healthcare Candidates With Strong Soft Skills

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On your next round of interviews, consider looking out for candidates with strong soft skills. Many healthcare companies are thriving today because of the employees with well defined soft skills. If you are looking to out recruit the completion, consider building a pool of candidates that will exceed your hiring expectations with high leadership, communications… Read more »

How To Hire The Right Candidate

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How many times have you interviewed a candidate, made an offer and then realized that they were not the right fit for your team? It’s a relief when you partner with the right healthcare recruiter that helps you with the hiring process to build a robust and reliable team. Here at KTE, we value customers… Read more »

Hiring Great Talent In The Healthcare Industry

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Hiring for healthcare roles can be difficult these days. As a recruiting firm, we rely on talented healthcare professionals. Are you struggling to recruit healthcare professionals, and retain good talent? Then, it’s time to start building strategies to optimize your healthcare hiring practices. Here at KTE, we have developed our candidate pipeline to prepare for… Read more »

Five Reasons to Partner with a Pain Management Recruiter

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Hunting for a new job is hard! Do you ever wonder where the best position for you is hiding, or the easiest way to find it? You can greatly increase your chances by working with an experienced medical recruiter. You can also maximize your time and protect your privacy. Here’s how. It’s important—and helpful—to build… Read more »

Considering Working With a Pain Management Recruiter? Here’s How to Pick a Great Partner.

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Pain management professionals are in demand. You may initially believe that means you can easily find a position on your own, but there are several reasons to partner with a recruiter. If you are currently employed, it can be difficult to work job hunting into your schedule. With plenty of options, how do you know… Read more »