How To Offer Your Next Physician A Competitive Salary

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One of the most significant issues employers have today is deciding how much to pay their physicians. For instance, finding the fine line between spending enough to attract and retain the best without going over budget. It can be particularly tough for smaller facilities that operate with more modest budgets to compete with more extensive… Read more »

Tips On How To Retain Healthcare Employees

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It is essential to retain healthcare employees today, employee turnover can be costing you more than money. Therefore, understanding the reasons why healthcare employees leave their desired positions can help with retention. It’s time to create an organizational environment that is dedicated to talented personnel to reduce employee turnover. Our mission here at KTE is… Read more »

Hiring Great Talent In The Healthcare Industry

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Hiring for healthcare roles can be difficult these days. As a recruiting firm, we rely on talented healthcare professionals. Are you struggling to recruit healthcare professionals, and retain good talent? Then, it’s time to start building strategies to optimize your healthcare hiring practices. Here at KTE, we have developed our candidate pipeline to prepare for… Read more »

Anesthesiologist Physician Burnout And How To Avoid It

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Demanding paces and pressures of time can lead to Physicians burnout. The definition of burnout is “a long-term stress reaction marked by emotional exhaustion, depersonalization and a lack of sense of personal accomplishment.” Source AAFP – Healthcare environments need to look at the bigger picture and consider the safety of the patient and Anesthesiologist along… Read more »

How to Decrease Your Costs to Hire

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Finding highly qualified healthcare talent can be expensive—but it doesn’t need to break the bank. Your best strategy is to streamline your approach, rather than spreading your finances thin through concurrent efforts. It will benefit your budget to narrow down the process that will work best, allowing you to focus your efforts and find the… Read more »

Hiring a Pain Management Physician? Five Tips to Help You Vet Them

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The quality of your pain management staff directly impacts the reputation of your healthcare organization. The care your physicians provide affects the satisfaction and safety of your patients—and this is key to maintaining a successful, effective business. So it follows that you’ll want to fill your organization with the right physicians to deliver the very… Read more »