How To Dramatically Improve Your Healthcare Career

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Healthcare organizations rely on their employees to understand the importance of having good character. When you work in the field of public health, it should be clear on the reasons why it’s so important. “When a person has a good character, it can be observed through their actions. It’s not limited to a single value,…

How To Prepare For Your Next Healthcare Interview

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Healthcare interviews can be intimidating, so it’s understandable that you are opened to tips that will help you. Below we share some valuable tips to help you through the interviewing process. In addition to the tips, remember that every employer is always looking for flexible and professional team players. Here at KTE, we make sure… Read more »

Valuable Reasons To Work With An Expert Recruiter

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Not sure if you want to work with an expert recruiter? First, let’s explore why companies partner with Healthcare recruiting firms to fill their positions. Healthcare companies look to hire an expert recruiter that specializes in hiring healthcare professionals. By specializing in the industry, the chances of retaining the right candidate increases. Here at KTE,… Read more »

The Value On How To Have The Best Off Site Healthcare Interview

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Now more employers are taking the applicants to coffee shops and restaurants for off-site Healthcare Interview. There are many reasons for this bold move, for example, the position is confidential, or their office setting isn’t appropriate for the meeting. Mainly, you will find that all they want is to evaluate proper social skills. Below you… Read more »