Healthcare recruiting is hard work that requires labor-intensive hours of interviewing candidates, reviewing resumes, posting jobs, scheduling interviews and following up. There are no shortcuts, but there is a way of incorporating the old methods of recruiting with the ever-changing social media recruiting to create positive results both for candidates and employers.

Here at KTE Services, we have learned the benefits of engaging and recruiting on social media to attract high-quality candidates to fulfill the most challenging positions. We are in an era that text messaging is far better to reach a busy physician than to leave messages and wait for a response a few days later. It’s time to work smarter rather than harder.

Times have changed for the better, but as recruiters, we are required to contact twice as many more candidates than before. Before it was snail mail and phone calls, now we have emails, texting, and social media. Let’s look at the top two sites that candidates in healthcare are using to engage with recruiters. “Studies show through market research, we found that continuing to grow our established presence on LinkedIn and Facebook may be the best way to help our clients and candidates, rather than developing a proprietary social media program for healthcare recruiting.” Practice Match, Social Media

Top Two Sites:

Many physicians and healthcare professionals engage in different Facebook Groups that allow engagement and networking with specific groups that help with making difficult decisions on making career moves.

Same as Facebook but with a higher concentration on networking with specific individuals and corporations more directly and professionally.

In summary, it is smart to invest your recruiting dollars in effective methods to attract and retain the best-qualified candidates, recruitment strategy requires a comprehensive approach, and that means allocating an amount incorporating social media. If you need recruiting assistance, contact us today. You can reach us at 904-940-5415 or

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