The quality of your pain management staff directly impacts the reputation of your healthcare organization. The care your physicians provide affects the satisfaction and safety of your patients—and this is key to maintaining a successful, effective business. So it follows that you’ll want to fill your organization with the right physicians to deliver the very best patient care—and it all begins with your hiring process.

Once you’ve attracted candidates, you’ll want to conduct a thorough interview and screening process. Here’s what you should cover:

  1. Know what will make a candidate great. Look for the right credentials and training in your pain management hires. To do this, you’ll need to understand exactly what education, job experience, career longevity and training they’ll need to fit your job opportunity.
  2. Don’t fall into a “personality trap.” Just because a candidate says all the right things doesn’t mean they are highly qualified. Yes, personality is important because a candidate will need to build good rapport with patients and colleagues—but keep in mind it’s not the only thing.
  3. Do a thorough background check. To ensure the safety of your patients, staff and entire facility, it’s important to do a complete background check on every finalist. This includes verifying credentials, education and experience, speaking with job references, and conducting drug and alcohol screenings, as well as possible screenings for credit, misdemeanors, etc.
  4. Look for good communication skills. This includes verbal—both speaking and listening—and written. A physician must collaborate with teammates, understand what a patient needs and explain treatment recommendations. Plus, accurate and understandable charting is a must.
  5. Passion and dedication are important. Is your candidate a lifetime learner? Sure, continuing education credits are important to maintain registrations and licensure, but a passionate candidate will learn on their own to keep their skills sharp and keep up with medical developments. This can include membership in professional organizations and subscriptions to industry journals.

It can help to work with a staffing agency

Recruiters have contacts throughout the job market and can work with you to understand your placement needs—and fit you with a candidate that matches. And niche agencies are often your best choice, since recruiters will have extensive experience with industry requirements and qualifications.

Check out KTE Services

We specialize in the medical and pain management industry and will work with you to place highly qualified anesthesiologists, pain management physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. To learn more about our pain management recruitment services, view our FAQ or contact us today.


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