Certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) are essential members of the team in surgical and pain management practices. These practices look for CRNAs who know their work well and who will “fit” seamlessly into the team with which they work every day.

How do you filter out the most promising CRNA candidates from the rest of the field? Here are three red flags to look for when reviewing CRNA candidates:

  1. Exaggerated Skills. Exaggerated skills and abilities can pop up anywhere in the candidate screening process, but they seem to be more common on resumes, in cover letters, and especially online – including on social media sites like LinkedIn. “The Best CRNA in the World” might fully believe what he is claiming, but for a medical team to work well together, you need a CRNA who is willing to learn, takes only his fair share of credit for successes, and who knows that there is always more to understand about the practice of medicine.
  2. Job Hopping. A CRNA who has had several jobs in the past few years should raise a red flag – but not all “job hopping” should be dismissed out of hand. Instead, ask questions to explore why this candidate kept changing jobs. Did they simply run into a string of bad luck with poor-fitting employers, and if so, what have they learned from it? What successes and accomplishments have they had despite the quick turnover in their job history? What do their references say about why they left previous jobs?
  3. Poor Teamwork. Teamwork is essential in any medical practice, and particularly among those who handle delicate matters of anesthesiology. A CRNA who cannot give examples of times they succeeded as part of a team, especially in the face of an unexpected challenge or crisis, or who describes their preferred work in singular or solo terms is more likely to struggle with integrating with your team than one who already embraces the collaborative approach.

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