If you’re currently in search of new medical staff, you know how long the process can be. Healthcare workers are in higher and higher demand today due to the Affordable Care Act and our aging population of baby boomers. Depending on the type of healthcare staff you need, your search may take longer than you anticipate—simply due to a shortage of healthcare workers. And you’ll need to find qualified staff that also fit within your corporate culture, to help your facility continue to run smoothly.

Conducting a job search on your own can get tiresome and even a little stressful. So partnering with a staffing firm to help you locate the right healthcare workers for your facility is a good investment. Here’s why.

Five advantages of working with a staffing agency

You can save yourself time, money and headaches by relying on the services of a recruiter. Consider the following:

  • Find talent quickly and easily. Staffing agencies—especially niche firms that specialize in healthcare—are focused on one particular pocket of your industry. They’re experts at what they do and understand the skills and qualifications a candidate needs to fit in and succeed at your organization. They also have contacts throughout your industry and access to databases of both active and passive candidates. What this means to you is when you’re looking for a new worker – even on short notice – your recruiter can find you the workers that you need.
  • Avoid employee turnover. Yes, you’ll need qualified talent with the education, experience and skills required for a healthcare professional. But the best candidates need more than that; they must also fit into your facility’s culture so they can get along well with your current staff and patients. A recruiter will work with you to understand your culture and the type of workers who will fit within it—giving you a much better chance of finding well-matched workers (and avoiding the high cost of employee turnover).
  • Reduce your hiring costs. Taking the time to draft job descriptions, post them to career and social media sites, review resumes and conduct interviews can be exhausting—a full-time job in itself. Yes, staffing agencies charge fees to place employees. But when you consider the efficiency of working with a recruiter, you’ll find it’s much less than the staffing hours you’ll put in searching for workers on your own.
  • Gain employees you can rely on. Recruiters are good judges of character. Plus, they conduct full background screenings and reference checks. This way, you know you’re getting a reliable candidate, and you’ll also get the reassurance that your facility and your patients will be in good, safe hands.
  • Improve patient satisfaction. A staffing partner can help you fill out your workforce, so you won’t need to deal with staffing holes. Whether you need more workers to cover employee leaves or increased patient loads, you’ll be able to avoid employee burnout and reduced care quality which adds to patient satisfaction and the good reputation of your facility.

Are you looking for a staffing partner?

If you’re in need of CRNAs, anesthesiologists and other pain management staff, you can rely on KTE Services. We want to understand your unique facility needs to place just the right staff to get the job done. To learn more about our available staffing services, contact KTE Services today.

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