Your job search can take you in several different directions. As you look for your next pain management position, you may choose to go at it alone, or you may decide to seek assistance and support. So, after you’ve polished your resume and cover letter, what are your next steps? You have a few options. Here’s what you should consider.

Three ways to find your next pain management job

Whether you’re a CRNA or a pain management physician, any of the following techniques are a good way to find your next position:

  • Use generalized or industry-specific job boards. Using online job boards can benefit you in two ways: First, you’ll be able to post your resume to reach a wide employer audience. This way, employers looking to fill a pain management position have the ability to reach out to you. Second, you can actively search hundreds of online job posts and apply for open jobs.
  • Network on LinkedIn. Setting up your professional profile on Linked In is an excellent way to reach potential employers. One of the most beneficial aspects of this social media site is the ability to participate in LinkedIn Groups. You’ll be able to join discussions and establish yourself as a subject-matter expert in your field. This can increase your exposure to potential employers, as well as your chance of finding new employment.
  • Work with a staffing partner. A recruiter is a valuable partner in your search for a new job. They will work with you as a job coach, helping you to get your paperwork in order and brush up on your interview skills. Then, your recruiter will help you uncover job leads that are best-matched to your qualifications, requirements and career goals—including those that are not advertised to the public. Since recruiters are experts at what they do, you’ll be able to find a new job while saving yourself much of the usual time and effort.

Check out KTE Services

We work with CRNAs and pain management physicians to find open positions across the country. Regardless of your preferred geographic location, salary, workplace environment, etc., we’ll help you find rewarding opportunities that meet your needs.

Currently, we have a multitude of open pain management positions, including our featured pain management jobs in Maryland and Pennsylvania. To learn more, contact KTE Services today.


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