If you can find a “hidden” job, you’ll increase your chances of getting hired. That’s because jobs that are hidden have fewer applicants—in contrast to posted positions, which have hiring managers sifting through piles of resumes (i.e., plenty of competition). But since hidden jobs aren’t being openly advertised, how can you find out about them? Locating these opportunities can be tricky, but it simply requires your own perseverance to get out there and find that perfect new job. Here’s what you can do.

Four ways to find unadvertised job opportunities

The hidden job market is tough to break into, but not impossible. Just follow these four key job search strategies.

  1. Strike up conversations with everyone. One of the best ways to get a job lead is to get out and be social. Chat up anyone and everyone, and you just may uncover someone who’s looking for a new employee just like you. Talk with individuals as you go about your day—even strangers—who come into contact with lots of people every day (for example, hair dressers, cab drivers, dog walkers, etc.). Be open and honest about what you do and the fact that you’re looking for a new job. Your daily contacts may know someone who’s looking to hire.
  2. Get connected. It can help to get in touch with someone “on the inside” of the company or facility you’re looking to work for. Scan the company’s website and find the email address of one of their employees (just not in human resources). Reach out to this person and explain who you are and that you’re wondering who you could call or email for more information about the field in which you’re searching for a job. Then, when you contact this reference, ask for advice. Let them know you’re trying to gain more experience in the field and was wondering if they had an upcoming opening.
  3. Network on LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media is a great place to chat with all kinds of people within your industry. You can also work on building your reputation as a subject matter expert. Join groups on LinkedIn and enter into conversations on Twitter. You never know who you’ll meet, and the more people you know (and who know you!), the better your chances of uncovering open jobs.
  4. Work with a recruiter. Staffing agencies have access to “insider” knowledge about open positions employers are working to fill. They’ll be able to connect you with job opportunities that aren’t currently being advertised to the public. Also, your recruiter will work closely with you to match you up with the best possible position—increasing your chances of getting hired.

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