8 Ways To Say Thank You To Nurse Practitioners This Week

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Let’s celebrate National Nurse Practitioner Week; NP’s are exceptional health care providers, providing medical services to millions of Americans. This week is a great week to bring awareness to the communities about the vital role that nurse practitioners play in the healthcare industry. There are many ways to raise awareness; today, we will focus on… Read more »

How To Prepare For Your Anesthesiologist Interview

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It doesn’t matter the amount of intensive training and education an anesthesiologist goes through. What matters is knowing how to navigate the recruitment process for employment to know what to expect, it promotes better decision-making, and it helps you take the first steps towards reaching your desired professional goals. Here at KTE, we understand how… Read more »

Dealing With Burnout In The Medical Field

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Is your current position at work, causing you long term stress? You need to start recognizing the signs of burnout and start working towards recovery. Burnout is a combination of exhaustion, cynicism, and perceived inefficacy. When you feel that you are emotionally depleted, then it’s time to start taking care of yourself. Sometimes one of… Read more »

Struggling To Find A CRNA? Here’s What To Do

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Finding the right talent will always be a concern for any healthcare organization, and even harder if you narrow it down to finding the right CRNA. It’s common to find more openings for CRNA’s than people to fill them. If you find yourself in this position, keep reading. Working together with healthcare facilities all over… Read more »

Simple Tips To Power UP Your Healthcare Job Search

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Healthcare occupations keep growing at a rapid pace, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics it will continue to grow 18 percent until 2026. Therefore, finding the right place to work can be a very confusing journey. The more informed, prepared, and organized, you are, the better the outcome. One of the advantages of working… Read more »

Tips On How To Avoid Post Anesthesia Residency Career Mistakes

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When anesthesiologist completes their residency, it is a personal achievement that’s a significant turning point in their lives. This pivotal moment is crucial for career advancement and opportunities. The factors involved when transitioning to a new anesthesiologist are many; however, it is vital to understand what is essential for you and your family. Here at… Read more »

Contract Negotiation Tips For An Anesthesiologist

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If you are an Anesthesiologist searching for a new opportunity, it’s time to understand the benefits of contract negotiation. Because, you will be a more effective negotiator when you are well informed. Start by making a list of what’s essential, and when you start to define your priorities, you will enter the interviewing process with… Read more »